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Selsey Town Council Enhances Efficiency with New Kubota Tractor for Land Maintenance

The Town Council, is proud to announce the acquisition of a new Kubota tractor to bolster the maintenance team's efforts in maintaining the town's green spaces. This comes as a response to the retirement of the old Kubota tractor, because it was beyond economic repair.

The decision to replace the aging tractor is motivated by the Selsey Town Council's  commitment to ensuring the efficient upkeep of the its extensive 17 acres of land.

The new Kubota tractor will play a pivotal role in grass cutting and overall maintenance activities.  It not only benefits the maintenance team but also has a positive impact on the community, ensuring that public spaces remain inviting, safe, and well-maintained for residents and visitors alike.

We are excited about the acquisition of the new Kubota tractor, which marks a significant step in our ongoing efforts to enhance the maintenance capabilities of the Town Council," said Ian Martin, Chair of Assets & Amenities Committee.

"This investment aligns with our commitment to providing a high standard of service to the community and ensuring the longevity of our town's green spaces.  We take this opportunity to thank the Town Council's Maintenance Team for their continued  hard work!"