Grants Available for the Coronation Big Lunch

Selsey Town Council has agreed to a one-off, small grant being made available to any recognised community organisations (that have a constitution and bank account) in Selsey towards the cost of providing a Coronation Big Lunch on Sunday 7 May 2023 as part of the nationwide act of celebration and friendship.

Community groups are asked to apply for the grant, clearly marked 'The Coronation Big Lunch' by 11 April 2023 using the Council's Event Grant application form which is available on the Town Council's website.

Please specify how many people you expect the event will be hosting. The grant can be used for hiring equipment, including tables and chairs, plus food and drink, but not alcoholic beverages.

What you actually require should be made clear in the application.

The total fund available is £2000, so applicants should request no more than £250, to enable the grant to be available to several organisations. After the event, applicants are reminded that the standard Terms and Conditions require organisers to send a breakdown of how the grant was spent to the Town Council.

Applications received after the deadline of 11 April 2023 will not be considered.