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Work will commence on Friday 13 May (weather permitting) on the management of the public areas currently infested with Brown-tail moth caterpillars.

Selsey Town Council have sourced a company which uses a naturally occurring bacterium found in soil and on plant leaves. This product is called DiPel. Studies have shown that this is NOT harmful to humans, pets, the environment, or beneficial insects.

Selsey Town Council has taken this decision for the following reasons:

The tiny (0.15mm) poisonous hairs on the Brown-tail moth caterpillar can cause skin rashes and make breathing difficult. Symptoms can last several weeks, and there is no antidote. These microscopic hairs break off the caterpillars and become air born, landing anywhere - on trees, lawns, picnic tables, decks, and gardens. These hairs remain toxic for up to 3 years!

The caterpillars feed on the leaves of many hardwoods including, oak, apple, crab-apple, cherry, hawthorn, shadbush, serviceberry, and rugosa rose. This can lead to reduced growth, branch dieback, and even mortality of trees and shrubs.