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Be Extraordinary, become a local Town Councillor. Help shape change for the benefit of Selsey.

Are you passionate about Selsey? Do you enjoy being part of a team? Could you champion your local communtiy and represent their views? How about becoming a Town Councillor at Selsey Town Council?

What is a Town Council?

A Town Council is the collective voice of its community and the first tier of local government. Town Councillors are consulted on most matters which affect Selsey and they actively participate in influencing the provision of services that affect you.

The 14 Councillors which make up Selsey Town Council are responsible for:

  • Provision and maintenance of our open spaces, play areas and buildings for community use 
  • Engaging in planning issues as a consultee to Chichester District Council (Planning lead)
  • Provision of local services and the Community Warden
  • Initiatives to protect biodiversity and climate resiliance 
  • Working in partnership with local groups on projects that benefit Selsey

What does being a Town Councillor Involve?

  • Listen to and understand the views of the people in the community
  • Bring forward ideas and projects for community and council support to ultimately benefit Selsey 
  • Be a part of a decision-making process that affects the community 
  • Work with key stakeholder organisations including West Sussex County and Chichester District Councils to have Selsey's voice heard
  • Attend 5/6 Full Council Meetings a year as a legal requirement, to consider matters including finance and policy decisions
  • Commit to serving the council and community for a four year term of office
  • Act as an ambassador for the community in a voluntary capacity

How to become a Town Councillor

  • An individual can apply directly or be nominated as a potential candidate for election 
  • Town Councillors are elected by the public or co-opted by the Town Council
  • Once elected a Town Councillor signs a declaration of acceptance of office and undertakes to observe an ethical code of conduct when dealing with matters on behalf of the council. 

Extra Skills and Training 

No indidvidual Councillor is responsible for any single decision.  This is democracy at its best!  Induction training available from the Local Association of Town and Parish Councils.

To stand as a candidate for Town Councillor you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • A Britisch citizen or a qualifying commonweath citizen.
  • You must live in the Selsey wards and be registered to vote or have lived, worked or owned property here for at least twelve months before election

You Cannot stand as a candidate for Town Councillor if you:

  • Are bankrupt and an Order or Interim Restriction Order has been imposed
  • Have, within five years before the day of election, been convicted in the UK of any offence and have had a prison sentence (whether suspended or not) for a period of over three months without the option of a fine
  • Have been convicted or reported guilty of a corrupt or illegal practice by an election court, or have been disqualified from standing for election to a local authority 
  • Work for Selsey Town Council 

Be a voice for the people of Selsey, help to maintain and deliver services which meet the locals' needs whilst striving to improve quality of life. 

Apply today and have a say on what happens for tomorrow!

Casual Vacancy in the Office of Selsey Council - Selsey South Ward 

Casual Vacancy in the Office of Selsey Council- Selsey North Ward 

For more information please contact the Town Council direct on 01243 605803 or email