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Public Consultation on Expansion of the Rampion Windfarm

Selsey Town Council would like to make the residents of Selsey aware of the Rampion 2 public consultation taking place from Wednesday 14 July to Thursday 16 September. This is for members of the public to respond to proposals to double the size of the Rampion windfarm which includes increasing the size of the wind turbines from their current 140 metres in height to 324 metres (equivalent height to the Eiffel Tower in Paris). One of the proposed siting of this extension is 8 miles off Selsey.

Selsey Town Council's Climate Change Working Group headed by its Chair Councillor Mike Beal are carrying out due diligence for the Council to make an informed response to the consultation.   We have attached the consultation documents and would welcome hearing from residents and affected businesses on their feedback on this proposal so that it can feed into our consideration.

We have attached downloadable copies of Rampion's information for the public consultation.  In the meantime, the Council would welcome hearing from Selsey's residents and businesses on their feedback to this proposal so that this can be considered by the Climate Change Working Group in their response. Please contact with the reference Rampion 2.