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Bunn Leisure Update

Selsey Town Council have engaged with Cove Communities (Bunn Leisure) to discuss concerns raised by residents and to obtain clarification of their intentions, as a result, Cove have assured us they are committed to developing a strong relationship with the Selsey Community.  Key points discussed and responded to were: -

1.     Concerns regarding the wooden gate at the end of Paddock Lane dirt path:

A wooden gate was put in to help stop cars accidently driving down the bridleway and is also used as a sign.  The gate has no lock but there is a locking pin in the ground for emergency vehicle access.  Cove has confirmed it can be accessed (if always required ) by an emergency vehicle.


2.     White Vans and Change of Policy:

They have introduced a new secure parking area within the holiday complex adjacent to the Warner Farm touring park and will require a valid pass to ensure they are valid guests on site.  This should ensure that no Bunn Leisure guests will have reason to park in the surrounding area.


3.     Resident Membership:

Once Covid restrictions are fully lifted (currently scheduled for the end of June) the community will be permitted to purchase memberships to use the leisure facilities.  They are currently working on tariff and access requirements and this will be communicated to the community in the coming months by Cove.


4.     Artisan Shop Space:

Cove have provided the use of a shop for a period of two years for local Artisans to promote and sell products developed locally, which is a great opportunity for Selsey's local businesses, our community, and guests of Bunn Leisure.


5.     Local Schools and Skills:

Antony Smith, Head of Learning and Development at Cove UK, has been in contact with residents via the Selsey Forum and Community Groups to development engagement with local schools and skills providers, which is the foundation for the Cove Academy.  Examples of what Antony has already been doing include carrying out remote interview calls with students as part of the learning and development programme, developing a one day programme for local students as introductions to a career in hospitality and future employment and working with local partners to support getting people into hospitality careers.


6.     3am Licence:

The only current licencing application relates to a facility they wish to operate until 11pm.Cove wished to assure residents that they do not intend to operate any facility until 3am as their business focus is on premium family holidays.  The existing 3am licence was in place prior to Cove's ownership of Bunn Leisure.  The recent application was initiated by their Solicitor to align the remaining facilities with the existing licence.  However, the recent application has now been removed and they do not intend to submit it again. 


7.     Future Development:

Cove are committed to develop Bunn Leisure to become a premium family holiday resort.  This will involve continued investment in the landscaping and infrastructure, accommodation and amenities and improved home community areas.  To support their future plans, they have launched the Cove Academy to focus on providing employees and the local community the highest standard of training for a successful and fulfilling career in hospitality.