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Council Tax Precept

Selsey Town Council took the extremely hard decision to increase its Council Tax contribution by 47p per week for eligible band D households in light of West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council deep cuts to funding local Selsey services and a considerable loss of income from venue hire due to Covid 19.

In 2019 it was announced that West Sussex County Council would be stopping the funding of the Mobile Tip at East Beach, in December 2019 we hand delivered to every door a public consultation on keeping the mobile tip.  The overwhelming response was to keep the tip; therefore, Selsey Town Council has now taken on the funding of this service for our residents.

Chichester District Council will be removing their funding of our enquiries team at Selsey Town Council in March 2021.  We as a council believe strongly in helping and supporting our residents locally either face to face (when Covid 19 allows), over the telephone and via email with their questions, without the need to travel to Chichester.  We are also committed to maintaining public free access to computers which are regularly utilised by many residents. To continue to offer quality support and advice on all Councils services be it County or District or Town for Selsey, we have taken on the funding of this service.

Covid has had an unprecedented impact on income generation for all councils alongside Government cuts in investing in local services which has meant increases in Council tax and many cuts to local services.   

West Sussex County Council C.C.       




An increase of £223 per annum per eligible Band D property

Cuts to local services

Chichester District Council



An increase of £42.00 per annum per eligible Band D property

Cuts to local services

Selsey Town Council



A increase of £24.61 per annum per eligible Band D property

No cuts to local services and maintaining those current services being cut by County and District Councils


Community Groups are an integral part of Selsey, we have taken the decision to continue to make funds available to these groups as other funding sources from County and District have been subject to cuts.

Taking into account the Covid pandemic and its presently immeasurable damage to Selsey's retail, health and beauty, sports and recreation, hospitality and tourism businesses.  Selsey Town Council will be focusing its internal resourcing on supporting, promoting and working with economic development partners to help Selsey to come out of covid strong.