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Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Business Plan

The aim of Selsey Town Council's Strategic Business Plan is to give Selsey residents and businesses a clear understanding of what the Town Council is trying to achieve and the initiatives which will help to deliver this.  

It details what the Town Council intends to focus on over the next four years, having taken on feedback from the community through various public consultation events including Selsey Vision. This is Selsey Town Council's strategy to improve facilities, services and long-term sustainability and will review the Plan twice each year to plan activities and funding.


Please note the web links in this document are not active.

Strategic Business Plan 2020-24 Reviewed 2021 (PDF) [333KB]

Appendix 1. Future Deliverables (PDF) [211KB]

Appendix 2. Key Updates to Deliverables 2021 (PDF) [200KB]

Appendix 3 Key Updates to Deliverables 2022 (PDF) [260KB]

A public consultation was held from 9th December 2019 to 13th January 2020 and the results are published here. 

Business Plan 2020-2024 Consultation Results (PDF) [234KB]

Selsey Town Council always welcomes comments on its activities and services. To get in touch please email or contact your Your councillors