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New Website Launches for Selsey

Destination Selsey is a digital platform designed to provide relevant, accessible information as well as a virtual heritage centre and immersive real time walking guides. The focus will be on Selsey's unique artistic, cultural, historical, environmental and scientific importance.





Destination Selsey answers the call from residents' responses through Selsey Vision 2018/19, the Town Consultation 2008 and the Manhood Peninsula Destination Management Plan 2018 - 2023 for a heritage centre that benefits Selsey residents, school children and visitors alike.    There is a wealth of knowledge of Selsey's heritage and wildlife scattered across many community groups, bereft of a physical heritage centre in Selsey, Destination Selsey consolidates and makes all this information easily accessible online in one interactive and engaging platform. 

Via your mobile, access the interactive walking experiences, releasing a plethora of engaging information about the town, its businesses, heritage and wildlife in real time. The application identifies exact mobile location and enables the pull up of images and facts specific to that particular place within Selsey. Follow the trails taking you on curated tours covering topics such as Selsey's history of service and the part the town played during the World Wars. 

The host site itself will work as an ever-changing platform, promoting Selsey's events, businesses, local activities and outside spaces alongside Selsey's rich wildlife and heritage. The benefits of this will help to promote and build Selsey's local economy and year-round eco-tourism offering to support long-term sustainability.

Joe Saville, Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group chairman, one of many local groups involved in Destination Selsey stated:

"At a time of considerable change for Selsey, including major new housing developments and associated infrastructure, there has never been a better time for a project such as this. Because alongside the hard/physical infrastructure there is a need for the soft infrastructure which addresses people's thoughts, feelings and aspirations. For all these reasons, the group will be pleased to support this project."

Cllr Donna Johnson, Vice Chair of Selsey Town Council and Chair of the Economy & Tourism Working Group confirms:

"We're really pleased to deliver Destination Selsey as an impartial digital service which is co-created by the community for the community, renewing Selsey's image both locally and to a wider audience as a vibrant, advanced, cultural and entrepreneurial destination."  

Selsey Town Council was awarded funding for this project through Chichester District Council's  New Homes Bonus scheme.  A scheme designed to fund projects which develop and encourage cohesive and vibrant communities. 

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