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Selsey Vision

Help shape the future of your town.

Selsey Town Council and Chichester District Council are working in partnership with the community on a process called 'Selsey Vision' - an opportunity for all members of our town to give their views on the future of Selsey.









Selsey was historically a fishing village that over time has grown into a town; one with the sea still at its heart, a town full of community spirit, open spaces and a tourist destination for people all over the world.

We believe it's important to look ahead to ensure the town continues to develop to meet the needs of residents, business's and visitors alike and make plans that we can all share in delivering; so we can all have confidence in Selsey's future.

Selsey Vision is seeking the input from all members of the community - old and young, residents and visitors, businesses and groups.  We want to hear your ideas, your dreams, your hopes for the future of YOUR town.

  • What are your dreams for Selsey?
  • What are Selsey's strengths?
  • What could Selsey do better?
  • What would a sucessful Selsey look like?

Whatever you do - GET INVOLVED!

You can share your ideas via our Selsey Vision Facebook Page , at the Selsey Vision HQ (at Selsey Library) or put a postcard in our post boxes around the town. This is a process that we should all share in but it will take a few months. Your ideas and suggestions might not happen tomorrow but it will all help create a picture of what the town wants. And we'll keep you updated along the way.

Your Town. Your Voice. Selsey Vision.