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Browntail Moth Lavae

Please be cautious as there are reports of Browntail Moth Lavae in the town.

We have had reports of Brown tail Moth Lavae and nests within the town in a number of locations:

  • Selsey Common
  • Oval Lane
  • Seafront

Brown tail moth is an insect native to the UK that has hairy black caterpillars. The hairs are urticating (have an irritant effect) and can cause irritation if they come in contact with human skin. Although they can be a health problem plant damage is also possible. 

We would ask that you take caution and do not touch or approach either the nest, lavae or caterpillar should you see them; they may also be harmful to animals so dog walkers should take caution.

For more details of the Brown Tail Moth visit the Royal Horticultural Society website.