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Local councils, unlike principal authorities are not required by law to adopt a constitution, however they do need to adopt Financial Regulations and to have other governing documents such as Standing Orders, a Member Code of Conduct and a Publication Scheme.

Selsey Town Council make available all statutory governance documents which it needs to publish, as well as additional infomation that represent best practice and will help to make its dealings more transparent to local people and businesses.


Council Governance & Audit
For documents supporting the Council's decision making framework and audit arrangements including the Code of Conduct, Standing Orders, General Risk Assessment, Financial Risk Assessment, the Member/Officer Protocol and Financial Regulations visit Council Governance and Audit


Year to date income and expenditure information is displayed during the financial year. At the year end the Council's statement of accounts and audit information, including relevant statutory notices are published here visit Accounts and Financial Info


The Council's policies and award criteria in relation to the Community Grant Fund and Events Grant Fund are available below. To access the application forms and further guidance visit Grants


Policies supporting the management and publication of information, including personal data, are available below. 


Communications & Branding
Policies support the management & publication of the Council's media statements and associated branding are available below.


Health, Safety & Welfare
The Council's policies in matters of health & safety, welfare and safeguarding are available below.


The Code of Practice in Handling Complaints - This is the Town Council's Code of Practice in Handling Complaints it is recommended for transparency in local government, and for the benefit of good local administration, that Parish/Town Councils should adopt a standard formal procedure for considering complaints and this available below.


General Policies

  • Memorial Policy  - This policy ensures that the siting and management of memorials within the Councils parks and open spaces is for the mutual benefit of all and sympathetically recognises the contrasting needs of a variety of users.
  • Protocol on the Filming, Videoing, Photography, Audio Recording and Broadcasting at Council Meetings - This is the Town Council's Protocol on Filming and Recording at Council Meetings.