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All Town Council meetings and Committee meetings are open to the public. Agendas for the meetings are displayed on the Selsey Town Council notice boards around our town and on this website. Please contact the Town Clerk if you wish to speak at these meetings.

Town Council Notice Boards can be found at:

  • East Beach Shops
  • East Beach Fishing Huts
  • Kingsway
  • East Street (Star Advertising)
  • High Street (Boots)
  • Hillfield Recreation ground
  • Town Hall
  • Warners car park (on toilet block)
  • Selsey Centre

Minutes are taken at all council meetings and those of its Committee, these minutes are available at the Town Hall in their draft form soon after the meeting. The minutes cannot be in their final version until after the following meeting during which they will be confirmed and signed.

Full Council

The Full Council meets once every quarter. The Annual Council Meeting is held in May and the Chair and Vice Chair are elected from amongst the Members. Membership of the Committees is also decided and appointments are made about the representation on external committees and organisations. View Full Council Meeting Minutes and Information

Planning Committee

The Town Council is a statutory planning consultee and its Planning Committee meets every 3 weeks to look at Selsey related planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council (CDC), the local planning authority. The Planning Committee deliberates on each application and will inform CDC whether they OBJECT or SUPPORT an application. This must be on planning grounds. Members of the public are welcome to attend and can speak on a particular application at the discretion of the Chair. View Planning Meeting Minutes and Information

Assets and Amenities Committee

The Town Council has an Assets and Amenities Committee which meets each quarter to look at issues relating to its properties and resources. View Assets and Amenities Meeting Minutes and Information

Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting takes place each year during April at the Town Hall.

We welcome all members of the electorate at this meeting, the agenda is published 1 week prior to the meeting and members of the community can email the Town Clerk if they wish to ask a question or discuss a particular subject at the meeting.  View Annual Town Meeting Minutes and Information




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