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About Council and Democracy

Selsey Town Council is the first and closest tier of local government serving over 11,000 residents. Its fourteen Members are elected by the public and serve a four year term. The Councillors are unpaid and freely give their time and expertise to ensure that the local area is represented and its views made known to principal authorities.

The council's functions can be broadly divided into two main areas:

  • Local Services for residents and visitors that improve the quality of life, such as maintaining some public areas, hosting community focused events, providing community support through SelseyWorks, providing advice and signposting on other council services, allotments and offering grant opportunities to local groups/charities.
  • Champion the town's corner to other statutory providers for example the District and County Councils and Sussex Police.  It does this by commenting on planning applications, consultations and where necessary taking other authorities to task on matters of concern, gaining funding for town specific projects.


Details of the other local statutory providers can be found below:

Chichester District Council provides services for nearly 110,000 people in an area of 300 square miles that stretches from Midhurst in the north to Selsey in the south and from Westbourne in the west to Bury in the east. Its responsibilities include waste collection, planning and building control, leisure, sport and tourism, licensing, car parking, and public safety, and collecting council tax on behalf of West Sussex County Council, the Parish Councils and the Police.

West Sussex County Council provides services for nearly 1 million people in an area, which stretches along the coastal plain from Emsworth to Shoreham with its northern boundary stretching from Haslemere to East Grinstead. It is responsible for libraries, highways, social services, education, fire and rescue amongst other things.

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