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Selsey Centre What's on

See what's taking place in our community centre

Selsey Town Council put on a range of events and activities over the course of the year.  In addition other members of our community put on events and activities around the town. 

What's on Selsey Centre

Every Monday

DANCE & TONE - Roz Macarthur 9.30-10.30 (Drop In) Call 601724

PILATES - Roz Macarthur 10.45-11.45AM Contact 601724 (Drop In)

ADULT TABLE TENNIS 2.30-4.30PM Contact 604158

TAI CHI CHIH Beginners classes with Tracy Gibbons 3.30 - 4.30pm & 4.30 - 5.30pm call 514909 or 07941 520964 (Term dates apply)

PILATES with Clare Pretorius 4.30 - 5.30pm Beginners, 5.45 - 6.45pm Advanced Contact 603077 (Drop In)


What's on Selsey Centre

Every Tuesday

ART CLUB 9.30am -12.30pm (Term times apply) Please contact The Selsey Centre for more details

ZUMBA FITNESS PARTY DANCING with Lisa Neno 6.30-7.30PM call 07775607409


MAH JONG Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday from 2pm - 5pm Contact U3A for joining details

DANCE CLUB Every Tuesday from 3.30 - 4.30pm Contact Nadia, please contact the Dance Club for joining details

What's on Selsey Centre

Every Wednesday

THE WEDNESDAY WORKOUT  With Roz Macarthur  9.15am-10.15am. Contact Roz on 601724

FITTER SITTERS with Roz Macarthur 10.20am-11.30am Contact Roz on 601724

CANASTA & SCARBBLE Every 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday from 2pm - 5pm Contact U3A for joining details

YOGA with Vince Starr 6.30 - 7.30pm contact Vince on 07817 135 472

What's on Selsey Centre

Every Thursday

BARRE FUSION FITNESS 9.15 - 10am A strength & conditioning workout that combines ballet, pilates & Yoga Contact Lyndsey on 07581284353 (July offer bring a freind to their 1st session FREE)

ADULT TABLE TENNIS 10.00-12.00PM Contact 60415

CDC WELL BEING WEIGHT LOSS WORKSHOP 12:15 - 2:15PM Contact Sue Crabtree 01243 521041 (Terms times apply) STARTS 13th September

SELSEY BRIDGE CLUB Every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm Drop in for joining details

BALLET & TAP CLASS  4.00-4.30 for school years Reception, years 1&2, 4.30-5.00 years 3-6, 5.00-5.30 years 7-11 (starts 21st Sept 2017) contact Rachel on 07517442539 or email

ZUMBA EXCERCISE CLASS with Sarah Belcher 6.30 - 7.30PM Contact Sarah 07805 161167

What's on Selsey Centre

Every Friday

EARLY MORNING PILATES with Clare Pretorius 8.30-9.30AM Contact 603077 (Drop In)

BEGINERS PILATES with Clare Pretorius 9.45-10.45AM Contact 603077 (Drop In)

STEADY & STRONG with Heidi Dunster 11.15 - 12.15 contact Heidi on 07826924923

PARACISE with Hiedi Dunster 12.30 to 1.15pm contact Heidi on 07826924923

ELITE DANCE CLUB every Friday from 5 - 7pm contact Nadia Dance Club for joining details

What's on Selsey Centre

Every Saturday

Kickboxing  4-6years 9.45-10.15am, Family adult & kids 10.30-11.30am with Lee & Bea Smith Contact ARO 07824504768

DANCE & MUSICAL THEATRE Every Saturday from 10am - 1pm contact Nadia, Dance Club for joining details

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Party Afternoons available from 1pm for private parties, early booking required.

What's on Selsey Centre

Tuesday - Baby and Toddler Play

The team from Bounceabout will be here with a range of fun stuff! 9am to Midday. For more information visit Baby & Toddler Play

Give Blood 100

15th November 2019 - National Blood Service

The National Blood Service will be here from 2pm to 8pm to book your appointment download the free app NHS Give Blood or visit National Blood Service

What's on Selsey Centre

6th August 2019 - Bouncy Castle Event

Fun and games from 10am to 2pm. Children aged 8 years old or under ONLY>  £2 per child per sessions must be booked in advance.  For more details visit

What's on Selsey Centre

13th October 2019 - Table Top Sale

From 9am to 12.30 - Booking Essential Please pop into the Centre for more details

What's on Selsey Centre

17th November 2019 - Table Top Sale

From 9am to 12.30 - Booking Essential Please pop into the Centre for more details

What's on Selsey Cinema

Selsey Cinema Club

Selsey Cinema Club runs regularly at Selsey Town Hall. Tickets can be purchased at Selsey Town Council or on the night. For full details of screenings visit the  Selsey Cinema Club Website

For latest information about the Cinema Club visit  Selsey Cinema Club Facebook site

What's On Selsey Information Exchange Logo

Selsey Information Exchange

For full details of events within our community visit the  Selsey Community Forum

What's on Selsey Festival

Selsey Festival

Each year there is an incredible variety of events that take place around the town, for further details visit  The Selsey Festival Facebook site