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Local councils, unlike principal authorities are not required by law to adopt a constitution, however they do need to adopt Financial Regulations and to have other governing documents such as Standing Orders, a Member Code of Conduct and a Publication Scheme.

Selsey Town Council make available all statutory governance documents which it needs to publish, as well as a number of other parts that represent best practice and will help to make its dealings more transparent to local people and businesses.


  • Child Protection Policy - This is the Town Council's Child Protection Policy and outlines the steps that must be taken when staff or volunteers (who work on behalf of the Council) come into regular contact with children or vulnerable adults in order to minimise any potential risk.
  • Code of Conduct - This is the Code of Conduct by which Councillors must abide.
  • Code of Practice in Handling Complaints This is the Town Council's Code of Practice in Handling Complaints it is recommended for transparency in local government, and for the benefit of good local administration, that Parish/Town Councils should adopt a standard formal procedure for considering complaints.
  • Communications Strategy - This communication strategy is designed to provide a simple guide which will help the Council deliver its duties and responsibilities.
  • Dignity at Work: Bullying and Harassment Policy - This policy reflects the spirit in which the Council intends to undertake all of its business and outlines the specific procedures available to all employees in order to protect them from bullying and harassment.
  • Disciplinary Procedure - This disciplinary procedure is designed to help and encourage employees to achieve and maintain acceptable standards of conduct and job performance at all times.
  • Equal Opportunities Statement - Selsey Town Council is committed to the principle and practice of equal opportunities in all aspects of employment
  • Freedom of Information - Publication Scheme.
  • Freedom of Information Appendix 1 - Model Publication Scheme - ICO
  • Model Publication Scheme ICO
  • STC General Risk Assessment 2016 This document has been produced to enable the Town Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy that it has taken adequate steps with control systems to minimise the risks.
  • Grievance Procedure The objectives of this procedure are to foster good relationships between the Council and its employees by discouraging the harbouring of grievances.
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Policy - Selsey Town Council has adopted a Health and Safety Policy to protect all of its employees, visitors, contractors and users of premises, and to encourage safe working practices.
  • Internal Audit Terms of Reference - The requirements for an Internal Audit function come under local government legislation - section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972.
  • Memorial Policy  - This policy ensures that the siting and management of memorials within the Councils parks and open spaces is for the mutual benefit of all and sympathetically recognises the contrasting needs of a variety of users.
  • Protocol on the Filming, Videoing, Photography, Audio Recording and Broadcasting at Council Meetings - This is the Town Council's Protocol on Filming and Recording at Council Meetings.
  • Renewable Energy Policy - Selsey Town Council must be part of the strategy to reduce carbon emissions in the fight against global warming.
  • Smoke Free Policy  - Selsey Town Council acknowledges that second hand tobacco smoke is both a public and work place health hazard and has, therefore, adopted this no-smoking policy.
  • Community Fund Policy -  All applications are considered at the initial meeting and discussion is led by the Community Fund Panel (CFP) Chairman